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Nude – a word that causes so much controversy.

For some it is simply a color or an array of colors used in fashion. It’s a word that represents vulnerability. It’s a word that represents the bare necessities. It’s a subtle elegance. However, for others, it is synonymous with being anything but a lady or it becomes an arguing point concerning skin tones.

Despite it all, I think it’s time that this color receives the honor it’s due, and that we recognize the lesson within its shade.

One day, I decided to wear a completely neutral outfit – something quite out of the ordinary for me. I wanted to try something different. Actually, that day I wanted to be classy, simple and comfortable. I just wanted to be myself – no fluff.

nude outfit #baydiangirl IMG_9440  IMG_9443

In listening to my inner muse, I experienced a day where even though I was experiencing a horrible week, my outfit was that quiet voice saying, “Here I am!” It was me saying, “I’m here to try.” I wasn’t roaring with loud colors and obvious personal style, I was exuding courage – something we can all admit we need when we’d like to give in to despair.

And therein lies the lesson.

 Nude represents confidence.

It has a quiet strength. No matter the shade, it allows a woman to express her most basic self – her true self; and like Coco Chanel would say, this is truly when beauty begins. Nude proves that loving who you are is a mindset – a constant state, not just a fickle feeling. It’s a delicate balance of humility and character. It’s a symphony of strength and resolve.

I think that the color nude can be summed up in this quote I found on Pinterest by Amy Bloom:

You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful

I hope that this thought stays at the forefront of your mind today and empowers you to believe in your potential.

Tamara Sykes
Caribbean-Born Gal. Always Plottin' My Next Hairstyle. Encouraging women with a creative spirit to color outside the lines and live a life they love.


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