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How To Wear Your Off The Shoulder Maternity Dress This Fall

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Calling all mamas!

And I mean, those who are expecting, and those who aren’t.

Do you still have that off the shoulder maternity dress in your closet? 

Did you know that there’s an easy way to wear this summer staple in the Fall?

Step in to my closet, and let me show you how to continue to glow in the upcoming season!


The Key To Maternity Shopping

But first, let me drop a gem here real quick, especially for my expectant mamas.

Maternity shopping can feel like a chore, and on top of that, it can be discouraging to purchase items because of the prices. However, if you shop smart and buy items that you can wear post-pregnancy, then you will have a much more enjoyable experience. PLUS you’ll have made a long-term investment in your wardrobe.

[bctt tweet=”Quality and versatility are better than quantity when you’re shopping for maternity clothes!” username=”baydiangirl”]

If you’re anything like me, and dislike buying pricier clothes without knowing that you’ll wear the items several times, this shopping tip is for you!

Remember, you just have to shop smart.

Quality and versatility are better than quantity!


A Remarkably Simple Way To Wear Your Off The Shoulder Maternity Dress This Fall

Even though I’m in the postpartum stages right now, one of my most worthwhile purchases was a printed off the shoulder maternity dress.

Not only was it extremely comfortable as my little baby bump grew, but I was also able to wear it during different types of weather. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know what I mean because you know how crazy your body temperature can get!

And I am still able to wear this dress today!

…Which is absolutely amazing because I now have one less item in my closet that makes me feel disappointed. I mean who cares if I can’t fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes!

So for Fall, I will continue to look chic in this dress by pairing it with my favorite white sandals, an ivory felt hat, and neon pink chandelier tassel earrings for a touch of fun.

What do you think of this Fall 2018 look?



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