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The 6 Pages You Actually Need To Set Up A Successful Blog

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What pages do you actually need for your blog?

Well, besides the content and menus, your website should have the following:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Blog
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Disclaimer
  6. Contact

And here’s why.


The 6 Pages Crucial For Any Blog

The best way to approach your blog is to think of it as your home.

It’s basically your real estate online – something you own, control, and can design however you’d like.

And with that in mind, it is important to set it up with the necessary “rooms” so that your brand has what it needs, and so that others easily visit and navigate your content.

Make sense?

Now, let’s look at the dream blog blueprint to review the six (6) pages that are crucial for your blog.


(1) Home

A home page on your blog is equivalent to the living room of a house or apartment.

It’s where you entertain anyone who visits – family, friends, or other guests.

Plus it’s usually a comfortable yet somewhat formal area.

With this analogy, your home page should introduce your audience to who you are, what you do, and the value of your content!

It should make visitors comfortable enough to stay on your website and take a step to consume your content.


(2) About

Next, you need to have an ‘About’ page.

If you think back to the home blueprint reference, this page matches up closely to the function of a kitchen.

Most of the time when you invite guests over, especially for dinner, you may be finishing up some aspects of the meal when they arrive.

If they were to join you in the kitchen, they would get an up-close and personal look at how you put everything together. Yet, at the end of the day, the meal is for them.

Your About’ page is an in-depth look into your story and how you help others.

Like the meal in the reference above, it really isn’t about you!

But it’s important because it builds connection and trust between you and your readers.


(3) Blog

Some bloggers choose to use their home page as their blog page, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Nevertheless, there has been a recent shift where content creators actually only display specific posts on their home page and then direct readers to an all-in-one blog page.

Personally, I like this trend!

It allows you to have a home page that gives a subtle introduction to who you are and what you do while also providing your audience with an easy way to engage with all the content you have.

The result is a website that’s very user-friendly and easily understood by search engines.


(4) Privacy Policy

Ok, now I can’t say I know how to relate this one to a basic floor plan BUT don’t let that detract from why it’s crucial for your blog!

A Privacy Policy page “outlines the collection, use and storage of personal information that may occur while visiting [your blog].”

It’s a CYA (Cover Your Ass) necessity.Β 

Consider the Facebook legal debacle.

Anyway, you don’t have to be able to afford a lawyer. I mean who does when starting out?

Simply use a free generation tool like Privacy Policy Generator.


(5) Disclaimer

A ‘Disclaimer’ page is especially important for bloggers who want to work with brands or use affiliate programs.

The page acts as the Terms and Conditions of your site, protecting both you and your users!

For this one, my suggested service is the Free Attorney-Drafted Disclaimer Generator by WebsitePolicies.

I’ve used it myself and you can click here to see the results on my Disclaimer page!


(6) Contact

Just like Instagram experts, like Ashley France, state that you should have your email in your bio, you need to have a ‘Contact’ page on your blog website!

Whether you call it “Contact” or “Contact Me,” this page gives people a very easy way to contact you without any guessing!

Additionally, it holds serious SEO clout!

Search engines, such as Google, give preference to websites that show they want to engage with visitors.

It really is one of the easiest ways to optimize your blog for SEO.


Pin It For Later!

And there you have it! These are the six (6) crucial pages for your blog.

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The 6 Pages You Need For Your Blog

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