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Parisian Street Style

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I have always dreamt of Paris….

Something about the city beckons me but I’ve never been there. Nevertheless, I love to peruse their street style via magazines, Pinterest and my imagined reality from the stories of friends who have had the pleasure of visiting this legendary city.

Last summer, my young fashionista of an intern traveled to Paris for her graduation celebration. Besides the fact that I was jealous (cuz I’ve been dying to go), I was so happy for her! Why? I knew that it would be the experience of a lifetime for her and that she would see the city that partially inspired my crazy obsession with scarves.

One of my favorite Parisian street styles is using a scarf as a shawl over a coat. Sometimes, we think that we have to choose one or the other, i.e. a shawl or a coat, but why not mix both?

If you fold your scarf into a triangle and then tie it around your neck AFTER you’ve put on your coat, you immediately take your outfit to a different level. It’s simple and sets you apart from the average fashionista. Don’t you love style tricks like that?

I recently tried this using my white cape coat (which I totally purchased thanks to Solange) and one of my business’ hand-painted scarfs from the Spring 2015 collection. Yep, I brought Paris into my reality!

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Let me know if you’re loving this street style tip in the comments below!


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