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Plaid & Pink

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Finally it had been six weeks. Time to get that new do I’d been craving – a maroon curly quick weave.

Off to the hair store I went. My excitement was high and my intentions were pure. But lo and behold, I couldn’t find what I wanted. So I floundered and pondered what I was going to do while my husband stood in awe at the variety of hair available (he’d never been to a hair store before).

And then, things got interesting….

I couldn’t find one darn pack of maroon hair. All I could locate was a navy blue or hot pink ombre curl, and both options scared me.

I grabbed my husband’s hand and looked into his eyes for direction. He looked back at me, laughed and said, “Do they not have the one you want?”

I rolled my eyes and then shook my head.

“Get the pink one babe”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yeah, just try it. You never know!”

And so I did.

Plaid & Pink  Plaid & Pink - All Smiles  Plaid & Pink - Plaid Shirt Outfit  Plaid Pink - Full Outfit  Plaid & Pink Outfit


This hot pink ombre hair that was a random decision on a Saturday with bae, became one of my favorite hairstyles, and it was a reminder that sometimes the best style moments are the ones you didn’t plan at all.

line-break-grunge-line (blue)

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