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Pretty In Pink

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“Babe, do I look beautiful in these photos?”

Without hesitation he replied, “Yes babe, you do.”

I’d just received one of my favorite emails – a treat I usually received once a month from my dear friend and photographer, Susie Coldren. It went like this:

From: Coldren Photography


Your photos from….are ready to be viewed & shared

With child-like excitement, I opened up the photo gallery of my latest blog shoot. The colors were beautiful and my outfit was très chic but for some reason, I wasn’t all that excited about my body. It wasn’t what I had remembered from that day. I looked and oozed confidence yet my giggly excitement had turned to intense scrutiny while I looked at each and every photo.

On the surface, I was ready for Valentine’s Day but internally, I was a far cry from loving myself in the skin I was in. I needed to fall in love with my self first.

*This is a sponsored post*

The Self-Love Club

Have you ever heard the quote, “Loving yourself is the greatest revolution?”

It’s usually used in reference to self-care and fitness but, in my opinion, it’s just as relevant to style. In fact, it’s probably the first and most important step I’ll be taking to get ready for Valentine’s Day. I mean, how could you celebrate a day of love when you’re not even a part of the self-love club?

No matter how chic, cute or colorful your date night outfit is, your slay has to start from within.

[bctt tweet=”No matter how chic, cute or colorful your date night outfit is, your slay has to start from within.” username=”baydiangirl”]


Valentine’s Day Outfit

While shopping at Polaris Fashion Place (one of the best indoor malls in my city),  I stopped in Express to find the pieces that would create my Valentine’s Day outfit. Bae and I had already made our dinner reservations at a local restaurant for a romantic night out so all I needed was a look to wear.

From what I saw, it looked like florals and lots of red were a majority of the options but they weren’t really what I was looking for. I wanted my outfit to be a mix of edgy and princess. And what screams princess more than pink? Nothing.

So that’s what I went with. Lots and lots of pink.

Choosing Blush Pink Clothes at Express in Polaris Fashion Place

After trying on multiple options, I decided that a blush pink off-the shoulder body suit and blush pink wide leg trousers were going to be my look for that night. Now, all I needed was the right accessories to add a little bit of edgy.


The Accessories

Lo and behold, the minute that I walked into Aldo, my eyes landed on these bright red patent heels set in a colorful display. There was a solid color option but the two-toned pump really caught my eye. It’s like they were made for me.

Aldo Stessy Valentines Day Pump

Then as I checked out, I spotted a silver and pink choker set, which I knew would tie the whole look together.

And that was it. Another successful shopping trip.


The Complete Look

Want to see what it looked like when put together? Just take a peek below!

Pretty In Pink - Valentine's Day Outfit  Valentine's Day Accessories: Pretty In Pink  Pretty In Pink - Blush Pink Outfit  Purple Hair Outfit - Pretty In Pink  Aldo Stessy Valentine's Day Pumps - Pretty In Pink  Pretty In Pink Full Outfit  Pretty In Pink: V-Day Outfit Idea

line-break-grunge-line (blue) If you’re still looking to plane the perfect Valentine’s Day date night or Galentine’s day, AND you live in or close to Columbus, OH, you want toe enter Polaris Fashion Place’s The Perfect Date Night contest.

If you win, you’ll receive:

  • A $140 gift card to Polaris Fashion Place to bring extra style to your night out.
  • Free valet parking
  • A one night stay at The Holiday Inn Express & Suites at 8670 Orion Place Columbus, OH (Subject to blackout dates and availability. Gift certificate does not cover incidental charges)
  • A pair of earrings from Piercing Pagoda
  • A $50 gift card to Molly Woos*
  • Two tickets to The Bodyguard at Ohio Theatre for the February 14th show at 7:30 PM.
  • A Complimentary Custom Makeover ($50 value) at Sephora inside JCPenney

Just click here to enter by February 8th!!

However, if you’re V-day style is more about giving back, then support the Salvation Army’s hunger program by donating to the Love Ties Benefit.  Just go here to participate!

*Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.*

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