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A Print Wide Leg Pants Outfit Perfect For A Fall Wedding

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Wide leg pants are one of the best body-confidence hacks.

Contrary to popular belief, they accentuate the natural figures of any woman who wears them. Since they fit an inch or two above the waistline, they automatically create an hour-glass figure. Plus they actually help create a balance between your lower and upper body.

In other words – no body-shaming here!

And we can agree that we all need more of those type of pieces in our closets. Right?


Wide-Leg Pants Come In A Variety of Styles

Thankfully, wide-leg pants are available in a variety of colors AND styles!

They can be found in the usual black, white, red and even different shades of brown.

You can also purchase them in print!! And those possibilities are endless. See the options below.

No matter your body shape or preferred style, there’s a pair of wide leg pants for you!

So where could wear such a versatile item?

Keep reading to find out!


5 Places You Can Wear Wide Leg Pants

There isn’t a shortage of places, or events, where you could wear wide leg pants.

However, to get you started, here are five places you can definitely wear them.

  1. Place of Worship – Wide leg pants are a perfect balance of style and class so they would be a wise choice for an outfit you’d put together when you attend a place of worship. For me, this would be a church. But even if you are not of the Christian faith, this clothing item will work for you.
  2. On Dates – Making a point to hang out with your partner or friends? Wear wide-leg pants! You’ll look sassy if you pair them with heels, or you’ll be cute and comfortable if you pair them with flats.
  3. Work – Yep, you can wear wide leg pants in a professional capacity! My suggestion, use a blazer to complement the look.
  4. Vacations – Whether you’re going on an adventure by yourself or with family, wide leg pants can be a great, versatile item to pack in your luggage. They can be worn casually with your favorite tennis shoes or dressed up for dinner with heels. Even the accessories you use can make a difference. It’s all in how you put together the outfit! And who doesn’t need to keep their luggage light with these prices?
  5. Weddings Is your close friend or cousin getting married? No matter the season, you can wear wide leg pants to this celebration!

Ready for a practical example?


A Print Wide Leg Pants Outfit Perfect For A Fall Wedding

Personally, I own two pairs of wide leg pants.

One is striped (see it here) and the other is a bright Ankara print I purchased from an NYC small business owner I discovered at the Columbus Caribbean Festival.

For its debut, I wore this pair of Ankara print wide leg pants to a wedding my family attended.

To create a quick chic look, I paired the wide leg pants with a white collar blouse and yellow heels.

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Where would you wear this outfit?
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