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How To Purge and Color Code Your Closet + Freebies

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News Flash: I’m A Chronic Purger.

And no, it has nothing to do with Marie Kondo’s latest Netflix show.

It’s just who I am!

I consistently purge my closet every season, plus I keep everything in order by color coding the items.

Sounds a bit intimidating, right?

I bet you’re wondering how in the world I accomplish this – wondering where in the world do I find the time?

But there’s no need to solve that mystery.

I’m going to share with you exactly how I purge and color code my closet so that you can do it too!

How To Purge Your Closet In 3 Steps

How To Purge Your Closet In 3 Easy Steps

Let’s face it – we all have clothes in our closet that no longer fit in the context of our lives.

Some of these items used to be our favorite clothes to wear.

Some used to fit us at some point.

Some we’ve forgotten about.

Some clothes we couldn’t be caught dead in today.

And some were simply purchased in the spur of the moment but never got worn as you intended.

Whatever the reason, we can agree that you definitely have clothes in your closet simply taking up space.

And it’s time to purge…but how?

Here’s how to purge your closet in 3 simple steps!


(1) Go through your closet!

Seriously! Take some time to go through your closet and remove anything you “may like” or “don’t like.” 

Then separate them into two piles.

I usually start this at the end of each season because by then I truly know if I wore something or if I never touched it.

You could also do this before each season so you know what missing pieces you have in your closet and that will inform your shopping choices throughout that time.


(2) Let it go!

Like the viral song from Frozen says, let it go!

Put what you “don’t like” or “don’t wear” in a basket to sell or donate.

Let it go and don’t look back!


(3) Be honest!

Now it’s time to evaluate the items that you “may like.”

Ask yourself, Have you worn them in the past 2 years?

If NO – Sell or donate them!

If YES – Set them aside so you can retrieve them whenever you want.

Keep in mind that if you’re like me, and you choose to do a purge at the end of a season, those “may like” items that you have worn in the past 2 years should be set aside in a storage bin. You’ll bring them back out when the season returns!

However, if you chose to purge at the beginning of a season, those “may like” items can be set aside in your closet.

Either way, when you repeat this process, you’ll purge them from your closet if you don’t wear them!





How To Color Code Your Closet

Now, this step is for the overachievers like me.

Why? Because it takes a little more time to color code everything in your closet BUT it sure makes putting together outfits more efficient!

Some other benefits I’ve personally experienced are:

  1. Being able to see exactly what items I have in each color at a glance.
  2. Saving money because I only buy what I need, or want, that will complement my wardrobe #valueshopping.
  3. Having the satisfaction that one aspect of my life is organized.

Here’s how you can experience the same thing!

(1) Start with Yellow

Begin your color coding adventure with all the yellow items in your closet. Then follow the color spectrum to include colors like peach and orange.


(2) Continue With Red, Blue, and Green

Next, organize your red, blue and green items!

This will allow you to see all the clothes you have that are red, purple, light blue, navy blue. and a variety of greens.


(3) Follow With White

Now you should add white, off-white and browns to the line.

FYI this tends to include a lot of your classic pieces! E.g. white collar shirt, long-sleeve tee or v-neck.


(4) End With Grey and Black

How To Color Code Your Closet - Start With Black

Whether you wear a lot of black clothing or not, this section will always exist in your closet!


And voila! You now have a color-coded closet!






Just in case you missed the download options in each section, here are my gifts to you!


Free Purge Your Closet Checklist



Free Color Code Your Closet Chart

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