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Where To Find A Righteous & Ratchet T-Shirt

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Righteous and Ratchet – a phrase that resonates with me in so many ways!

I first heard about it via Lecrae, a Christian rapper who has overcome the stereotype of what Christian music should sound like.

For him, the phrase meant that just because he is a Christian artist, doesn’t mean that his music had to be in the Gospel genre.

For me, this means that just because I am a woman of faith, I don’t need to ascribe to a checklist of what a Christian woman should look and act like.

Do these words signify the same thing for you?

Well, if they do, here’s where you can find your righteous and ratchet t-shirt!


2 Places To Find A Righteous and Ratchet T-Shirt

I purchased my righteous and ratchet t-shirt from Lecrae’s online store 2 years ago but since it’s definitely out of stock, here are two alternatives that you can add to your wardrobe today!


(1) A Good Balance of Righteous and Ratchet T-Shirt // Chic Shirt Shop

This t-shirt option is available in black and grey and is available in up to a Women’s 3X by Chic Shirt Shop. Just click the photo below to buy!
A Good Balance Of Ratchet And Righteous T-Shirt


(2) Holy Righteous Ratchet Squad // Mtfotografy

This design by Mtfotografy can be purchased on RedBubble, is available in up to size 3XL, and can be customized in over 16 colors PLUS on over 10 t-shirt styles for men and women. I mean v-necks are an option!

Holy Righteous Ratchet Squad T-shirt by Mtfotografy


And that’s it!

Happy shopping!

Black T-Shirt Outfits | Righteous and Ratchet Graphic Tee

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