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Ripped Jeans, A White Blazer & Maroon Leg Warmers

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Who said leg warmers were only to be worn in the winter?

Not I.

I believe in breaking the fashion rules.

But truth be told, when I decided to wear my favorite maroon leg warmers with my favorite ripped jeans, it wasn’t because I wanted to march to the beat of my own drum. Frankly, I was cold, it was a Sunday, and I was tired of wearing leggings and boots so I needed to switch it up.

It was an organic connection of sorts. Each item I paired together in the outfit was actually bought separately and at different stages of my life. I had purchased the white blazer two years ago in an attempt to upgrade my professional wardrobe. My maroon leg warmers had been a random find one Christmas while I hung out with my brother. And the ripped jeans were actually jeans I had bought within the past six months. But they all worked together to reflect the current ‘me.’

Sometimes the best outfits come together after wardrobe items are accumulated over a period of years. It’s not always guaranteed that you’ll find the right pieces all at the same time. And even though it stinks when you’re in major need of a new look, it’s also an opportunity to extend the life of your wardrobe and get creative.

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Tamara Sykes
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