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The Simple Blog Content Strategy You Need To Become Successful

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Is there a “right way” to start a blog, especially in terms of content?

Yes, there is!

To be a successful blogger, you need to create and promote your content consistently.

And you can’t just wing it. You’ll need to create a blog content strategy for the most impact.

Here’s how to do that πŸ™‚


How To Create An Effective Blog Content Strategy

Whether you’re an aspiring blogger or an established content creator, you need to create an intentional content strategy.

This helps you provide constant value to your audience!

Plus it also acts as a GPS for your brand, giving you clear directions to follow.

To get started, follow these steps.


(1) Define Your Blog Topics

Now, the first step to creating an effective blog content strategy is defining the topics for your blog.

For example, if you’re a lifestyle blogger that specializes in wellness, then your topics may be mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Or, if you’re a beauty blogger, you may choose to focus on skincare and hair care.

Of course, you don’t have to choose more than one topic but you need to choose at least one focus.

And to make it more doable, you can assign a topic to a month, a quarter (3 months), or even a year!


(2) Choose Your Content StreamsΒ 

This basically means that you need to determine where you are going to publish your content.

You can decide to publish a podcast, share content via an email newsletter, write blog posts, or do a combination of all three!

Let’s use my brand, Baydian Girl, as an example.

Currently, I use my blog and email as my content streams. Every week, I publish two blog posts, and I send one email to my subscribers.

Another great example is my favorite business newsletter, Morning Brew. They publish content solely via email and send it to their subscribers.

The possibilities are endless but I suggest choosing a platform and frequency that is authentic for you!

Plus remember, content isn’t limited to what I mentioned above.

Tweets, videos and even masterclasses count as content too.


(3) Determine Your ContentΒ Frequency

After choosing where you’re going to publish your content, the next thing you need to do is decide how often you’re going to show up for your audience in those spaces.

Personally, I choose to publish two blog posts on Tuesday and Thursday consistently plus one email on Monday to my subscribers.

However, I do know of other content creators who choose to do only one blog post per week, or once every other week.

Then there are others, especially established creatives, who show up way more. A great example is actually, Jenna Kutcher!

Please note though, that the more places someone publishes content, the more likely it is that they enlist help from other professionals.

In fact, most of them have teams.

So please don’t get stuck trying to be them.

Again, intentionally choose what will work best for you!

Because that will always be the most effective.


(4) Select Your Marketing Streams

Just like you selected your content streams, you also need to choose where you’re going to promote your amazing content!

Because content creation plus promotion is the recipe for success!

[bctt tweet=”Content Creation + Promotion is the recipe for success for influential bloggers!” username=”baydiangirl”]

Simply choose TWO(2) social media platforms to share your content on.

And I say only two because this will help you remain consistent plus avoid burnout.


(5) Determine Your Content Promotion Frequency

Last but not least, you’ll need to decide how often you want to promote your content on the marketing streams you chose.

For example, if you chose Instagram to help promote your content, you can decide to post only once a week, twice a week, or every day.

For me, every day is overwhelming so I show up on Instagram 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Does that make sense?



In summary, starting your blog off on the right foot really relies on this simple blog content strategy.

Not only do you have to be consistent, but you also have to promote what you’ve created so others can know!

I’ve used this method repeatedly during my 5+ years as a content creator and it has never failed me.

I hope you put it into action for your dream blog too!


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The Simple Blog Content Strategy You Need To Be Successful

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