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The Truth About Social Media For Blogging

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What role does social media actually play in blogging?

Here’s the answer:

Social media is a content marketing tool.

It is a funnel NOT the end goal.

And to help you use it to build an influential brand, here are some practical insights.


(1) Choose Two Social Media Platforms For Your Blog

I always say this and I will keep saying this:

When you’re starting a blog, choose TWO(2) social media platforms to share your content on.

Literally, just pick two!

When you do this, you are able to actually focus, stay consistent and avoid burnout.

This may seem crazy in a world where you can use one software to post on multiple platforms, and I’m fully aware that many of our favorite creatives are on all the things.

However, when you’re a one-person” brand, you need to be strategic about your time in order to be successful.


(2) Decide How Many Times You’re Going To Show Up

Here’s where I’m going to advise you to do something that you don’t hear very often.

Determine how many times and when you want to post before you start to promote your content on social media.

In fact, write it down in a Google Doc (or notepad)!

Yes, every platform has its best practices BUT please combine those best practices with an intentional plan that fits into your schedule.

The goal here is to show up for your audience AND to do it consistently!

For example, I post 3 times per week on Twitter, and to take it a step further, my intentional schedule is to share helpful tweets on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Whereas on Instagram, I show up 3 times per week as well but I stick to making an appearance on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

As a woman who juggles multiple roles, this allows me to connect with my audience, promote my content and maintain my sanity.

It keeps my journey as a creative, and my life, enjoyable!

Don’t you want to be successful but also love what you do too??


(3) Keep Your Social Media Platforms Consistent With Your Branding

Let’s be clear, I’m not referring to your brand colors!

That is important, especially for graphics.

But what I am actually emphasizing here is having a consistent brand name on your social media platforms.

This allows your audience to connect with you easily even if they don’t land on your social media page via your website.

For example, my brand name is Baydian Girl and on Twitter and Pinterest, you can find me very quickly with that username.

Now on Instagram, my username is thebaydiangirl. However, still very easy to find!

Example of Keeping Consistent Branding In Your Social Media For Blogging

There’s also one more thing.

When your usernames on your social media platforms are consistent with the brand name of your website, you also boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Why? Because search engines value consistent identity!

So, if someone were to search for your brand online, search results would automatically surface your website and your social media profiles.

P.S. You can get more simple SEO tips here!


(4) Connect Your Blog To Your Social Media Profiles

You’re probably wondering if the point above shouldn’t have taken care of this…but the answer to that lingering question is ‘Not entirely.’

Keeping your brand name consistent online is Part A.

Part B involves tying social media to your blog in your website code, which sounds so much scarier than it actually is to implement.

To completely connect your social media profiles to your blog, make sure to include social media links in your header and your footer! See the screenshot below.

Include Your Social Media Links In Your Blog Header Include Your Brand's Social Media Links In Your Blog's Footer


(5) Set Up Your Social Media Accounts Right Away!

Should you set up your social media for blogging right off the bat?

My answer – YES!

It’s actually one of the steps included in my Launch Your Dream Blog Checklist!

In the same way that you should purchase your brand’s domain name before your website is live, you should also set up your two(2) social media profiles before you start posting.

When you do this, you claim your real estate online right away!

This helps you avoid the heartbreak of finding out that someone is already using the username you had in mind.

However, just in case someone already has your username, you can use these two ideas below to maintain your brand name:

  1. Add ‘the” to the front. E.g. thebaydiangirl
  2. Use an underscore ( _ ). For example, _baydiangirl or baydiangirl_


The Importance of Social Media for Blogging

As you build a profitable blog, remember this:

[bctt tweet=”To make social media work for your blog, use it as a way to humanize your brand and connect with your audience and promote your content.” username=”baydiangirl”]

Social media is very important for blogging!

The key to making it work for your brand is to strategically use it as a way to humanize your brand and connect with your audience and promote your content.

Follow the five(5) steps that I shared in this post and you’re well on your way!


Which tip did you find most helpful? Let me know in the comments!
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