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Stripes & Legs For Days

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Linda, honey, just listen

Have you been sleeping on wide leg pants?

If your answer is yes, then stay a while and let’s chat about it because it’s possible that you are missing out on one of the best body confidence style hacks.

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My Personal Experience With Wide Leg Pants

It’s no secret that I struggled with body insecurities earlier this year. In fact, I wrote about it and how I overcame it in several posts, including this one. However, what I haven’t shared was what I wore during the transition from the body I had to the body I wanted.

So grab a cup of coffee, a glass of water or a cup of tea and let’s get into the details.

As I gradually began to fall in love with my body, I also began to look for clothing that complemented my new mindset. That included trying new things, choosing flattering silhouettes, and purchasing items that had multiple uses.

One of those pieces was a pair of high-waisted wide leg pants.

To my surprise, these pants had untapped magical qualities. In particular, they were the perfect camouflage for my not-so-toned places. As a result, they became my go-to for dressy occasions, specifically, church, fashion events and dinner dates.

However, as time passed, I realized that not everyone was privy to this style secret that I had stumbled upon. And all because of one compound adjective – “high-waisted.”

You see, when some women hear this used to describe any piece of clothing, they think of words like mom jeans, camel toe and a host of other negative hearsay that has been associated with high-waisted pants. But each myth couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

So, if you will, allow me to separate fact from fiction and share the truth about high-waisted wide leg pants.


7 Myths About High-Waisted Wide Leg Pants: Busted!

OK, Linda. Linda, listen, listen, listen.


Myth #1 – They don’t work for a variety of body types.

No body-shaming here! Contrary to popular belief, high-waisted wide leg pants accentuate the natural figures of any woman who wears them. Since they fit an inch or two above the waistline, they automatically create an hour-glass figure.


Myth #2 – They fit too tight around your stomach.

One of the things a pair of high-waisted wide leg pants does very well is provide a comfortable fit. They are never constricting if you buy the right size. However, a word to the wise, if you eat a large meal you’ll probably want to unbutton (or unzip) your pants for some relief lol.


Myth #3 – They make you look fat.

Absolute craziness! Who even made this up? High-waisted wide leg pants actually help create a balance between your lower and upper body.

Remember that hourglass figure I mentioned in myth busting fact #1? The only way that works is if the pants accentuate your curves in a way that is fitted in all the right places. Plus, they give you legs for days, which brings me to the next myth.


Myth #4 – They are only for tall girls.

Um, wrong! All you have to do, if you consider yourself a petite woman, is to accessorize strategically. And that starts from the time of purchase to creating the actual look for an occasion.

First, make sure to buy wide leg pants that end just above your ankle. Secondly, pair it with a flowy blouse (like this one) that you can tuck in at the front and leave out at the back. Or, choose a fitted crop top that ends right above the high waisted pants. And last but not least, wear a pair of heels. Whether chunky or stiletto style, it will definitely help add more height to your outfit.


Myth #5 – They should only be worn with heels.

Wait a second! Just because I gave my petite loves the advice to rock their high-waisted wide leg pants with heels, doesn’t mean that the same rule applies for everyone! That’s simply in their best interest. However, if you’re willing to take risks – or maybe you just don’t like heels – there are still several perfect shoe options to pair with these pants.  I encourage you to consider wearing sandals, mules, and even sneakers. Just keep the event you’re going to in mind.


Myth #6 – They are out of style.

Here is where I insert a quote by Coco Chanel that we should never forget,

Fashion changes, style endures

High-waisted wide leg pants were popular in the 70’s and continued trending into the 80’s and 90’s but that’s fashion, not style. Style is personal. It’s about what tells your story. It’s about what paints the best picture of you. It’s about what you feel confident and beautiful in.

So girl, knowing that a pair of these pants checks off all of the above, I’d ignore the silly notion that they’re not trending. And then ignore the haters.

You’re an icon. Fashion trends don’t rule your wardrobe.

Say it with me:

[bctt tweet=”I’m an icon. Fashion trends don’t rule my wardrobe. ” username=”baydiangirl”]


Myth #7 – They hardly go with anything.

News flash!! High-waisted wide leg pants are so easy to style with anything, especially basic wardrobe items! Depending on your style and comfort level, you can wear your pants with a tank top, T-shirt, flowy blouse, or even a crop top.

My personal favorite is the crop top! I previously rocked it with a fantasy off-the-shoulder style and in the photos to follow, you’ll see me rock it with my other fav – a Jesus Sequined option.


A Proven Example of a Beautiful Wide Leg Pants Outfit

Pop Quiz!

Where did I say I wore my favorite high-waisted pants?

*Hint: The answer is in the first section of this post*




If you answered church, fashion events and/or dinner dates, you are correct!

Now, would you like to see how I styled them for these occasions?

TOBI Kiely Navy & Cream Striped Pants outfit  Striped Wide Leg Pants Outfit   Jesus Sequin Top Outfit  Stripes & Legs For Days: Gold Cat Eye Sunnies  Striped High Waisted Wide Leg Pants Outfit | Summer Elegant Outfit  Sequin Crop Top and Wide Leg Pants Outfit | Spring Pants Outfit  TOBI Striped Wide Leg Pants Outfit | Cute Summer Look | Dressy Outfit for Warm Weather

Outfit Details: Haus of Fash Jesus Sequin Top | TOBI Kiely Navy & Cream Striped Pants


So Linda, with this proven example and 5+ myths about wide leg pants busted, will you add a pair of these magical pants to your wardrobe?

Let me know in the comments below!


*Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.*


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