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Suit Mania

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Whether it’s on a man or woman, a tailored suit is a sexy thing.

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I remember the first time that I fell in love with suits. It was exactly three years ago when I visited a good friend of mine and we were choosing outfits for her upcoming photoshoot.  She’d pulled out this glistening armor – a fitted white suit from Express, and shared that it was one of her favorite pieces in her closet.

That was all it took.

Since that moment, I was on the hunt for a white suit to become a part of my closet.  Then, in August 2016, while shopping for my bachelorette night, I found it! Day made.

Now for my husband, Nate, finding the perfect suit was a little more challenging. For over a year, we’d looked online and in stores but with no luck. Then we decided to pursue the custom option with a local business, and it turned out to be the best decision we made (like I could go into a whole spiel about quantity over quality here but I won’t).

With our newfound swag, the only thing we needed were accessories to complete our looks. I chose a long gold necklace to accentuate the deep V at the front of my jacket, while Nate opted for a multicolored knit tie, maroon polka-dot pocket square and striped socks from Harrison Blake Apparel Co. to complete his outfit.

The result – suit mania, or in other words, a clear message saying, “We like to dress like we’re already famous.”

What’s your take on tailored suits? Yass or nah?

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Bespoken Mogul Custom Suit (similar jacket & similar suite pants)| Harrison Blake Apparel Co. November 2016 Subscription Accessories

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