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The Work Blues

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Whoever decided that red, yellow and blue should be considered as the primary colors, was a genius! As I’ve reviewed my wardrobe recently, I realized that my staple pieces mainly consist of this palette, particularly blue pieces.

I used to think that was a tad odd but hey, they are called primary colors for a reason!

For a color addict like me, having options that are outside of the black, white and grey color scheme are intentional, especially for back-to-work Mondays when I’d rather stay in my bed and cuddle with my puppy. But hey, as Oprah said, you’ve got to do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do (Tweet That!). So when I have the work blues, I simply channel my emotions into my clothing.

This week I opted for a nude base, a printed cardigan and a hand-painted baby blue scarf. It’s still a little melancholy but there’s also a hint of soul.

baby blue scarf outfit #baydiangirl  printed cardigan outfit #baydiangirl  fall professional outfit #baydiangirl  the work blues #baydiangirl

What do you think of this style approach to the Monday work blues?

Tamara Sykes
Caribbean-Born Gal. Always Plottin' My Next Hairstyle. Encouraging women with a creative spirit to color outside the lines and live a life they love.


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