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Let’s talk about capes.

…..And no, it’s not the cape you’ve seen in superhero movies.

Since Solange Knowles’ wedding pictures were released a few days ago, the cape has become one of the biggest trends this season. This once super-hero costume accessory is now a symbol of class and modern chic. It gives you the look of wearing a blazer on your shoulder without the hassle of it constantly falling off. Might I add you can wear it all year round? Since it’s cold right now, pairing it with a button-up and a scarf does the trick.

Needless to say, the cape is one of my favorite new fashion items! In a matter of 2 weeks, I now own 2 lol – a white coat from The Limited (which I’ll blog about later) and this sleek black cape from The Black Alley. Besides the timeless look it adds to my outfit, I love that it makes me look like a boss, like I run the world! Plus what’s ironic is that it’s called the Bitching Boss Lady Cape lol. Wearing it just adds to my confidence.

The fact that this item is so empowering is pretty amazing. Just remember, to always act like a lady and work like a boss πŸ™‚

Baydian Girl

Girl Boss 1

Girl Boss 2

Girl Boss 3
Overcomer scarf (Baydian F/W 2014) | Maroon Button-up | Bitching Boss Lady Cape (The Black Alley) | H&M Black Harem Pants | Maroon High Socks | Black Combat Boot Heels


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