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Who Cares? A Stunning Pair Of Embellished Flat Shoes You Should Wear Just Because

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Listen, life is too short to not wear the clothes in your closet.

But not everyone thinks so.

Have you ever realized that some women look at you strange when you dress up?

Have you ever felt pressured to explain why you look “so nice” today?

Then this post is for you.


Our Topsy-Turvy Society

One Saturday a few years ago, I had planned to have a relaxing, introverted Saturday. All I wanted to do was sit and binge watch Netflix with my puppy, Prince. However, my plans changed abruptly when I received this text:

“Hey! Some of the girls and I are going to Chinese for lunch. Want to come?”

In a split second, I figured ‘Why not?‘ I mean I needed to eat at some point today!

So I responded to confirm that I’d come, and then I began to get ready.

In about 15 minutes, I took a record-breaking shower, threw on a jersey maxi dress and some sandals, plus styled my hair (which at the time was in an asymmetrical shaved sides style). I was so proud of myself. I had managed to get up out of my comfy chair and pull together a basic casual look.

Beep Beep!

Oh ok, they’re here. I thought to myself.

I grabbed my everyday purse, locked my apartment door and got in the awaiting vehicle.

OMG you look so cute! Why do you always have to dress nice?”


“We’re in sweats and now we’re going to look like bums.”

All I could say was, ‘I’m sorry’ but I was completely puzzled. I wasn’t dressed to the nines in heels and an over-the-top outfit. I was wearing a plain maxi dress and some sandals. Hell, I didn’t even put on foundation!

After that awkward moment, our lunch went on without a hitch. But I never forgot the experience I had that day.

In some strange turn of events, me taking the time to invest in my appearance had somehow turned into a big no-no.

What a topsy-turvy world!


Wear What The Heck You Want!

That was only 1 out  of many instances when I was criticized for “looking nice.”

Other instances included questions like, ‘Why are you so dressed up all the time?‘ which implied that there was something inherently wrong with me for taking an interest in how I looked everyday. Rude.

And no, that’s not the same casual question as asking me, ‘Why are you so dressed up today?’

The latter question is usually asked by an observant person who realizes that I’m wearing a little more glitz and glam than I normally do. I usually take those questions as a compliment and move on.

But anyway, back to this weird, impolite question, you know what I say now?

I wear what the heck I want!

Yep, it’s a sassy answer but guess what? They had the boldness to ask the question. So why not respond with some attitude?

Like I said before, life is too short to not wear the items you have in your closet!

Besides, who cares?

You paid for those clothes, shoes and accessories with your money. Or someone who you love gave them to you.

Listen, let’s end the madness. Say it with me.

[bctt tweet=”Opinions don’t pay my bills. I wear what the heck I want.” username=”baydiangirl”]


A Stunning Pair Of Embellished Flat Shoes You Should Wear Just Because

But wait, there’s more.

Don’t just stop at a rebuttal. I encourage you to take it to the next level, and add a pair of embellished flat shoes to your closet that will make them stop and stare.


Well, if you’re anything like me, sometimes the mere mention that you are going over and beyond others can plant a tiny seed of insecurity. At other times, it can hinder your style for a while.

So, instead of hiding your voice, face this fear and rise! Wear that pair of embellished shoes in your closet and make it clear that no one has the power to set style limits over you.

Be free!

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Here are a few similar options!

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 Which ones would you buy to make them stop and stare?

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