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What To Wear To A Fashion Show

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Did you know that New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow?

That’s right. The official month of fashion has begun and will only end on March 7th in Paris.

We’re going to get a preview of the 2018 trends that will soon dominate our Facebook timelines, Snapchat stories, Instagram feeds and, undoubtedly, TVs.  We’re going to see outfits and concepts that we may not quite understand. And, we’re going to see countless photos of celebrities and style icons backstage or in the front row of the hottest fashion shows.

However, without a doubt, the talk of the town for every attendee prior to each show is going to be, ‘What do I wear?’

Now to be real, celebrities have most likely been planning their outfits for months. But let’s say that in your hometown or city, you’ve just heard about a fashion show that will be happening next month or in a few days, what on earth do you wear?

Here are 25 amazing photos to inspire you!


(1) Laidback

Channel your inner rapper and mix it with a little Willow Smith for a look that makes a nod to Afropunk but is all you.

What To Wear Yo A Fashion Show - Laidback Outfit


(2) Army Strong

Don’t let your age discourage you either! Take a cue from Elaine of Square Pearls. Put on some camouflage overalls and go to war.

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Square Pearls - Overall Goodness - Overalls Outfit


(3) Modest

If a bralette is not up your alley, then try a mixture of Carrie Underwood’s love for sequins with one of Taylor Swift’s impeccable skirt looks.

Mustard Yellow High-Low Skirt Outfit


(4) Mixed Patterns

Look at how Jen of Comme Coco mixes these check separates and makes the streets of downtown D.C. her runway.

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Comme Coco - Mixed Patterns Outfit


(5) Unassuming Sexy

This one actually reminds me a little of Keke Palmer’s tomboy edge. Oh, and heads up, this is probably best to wear in the dead of summer.

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Unassuming Sexy


(6) Street Style

Jaleesa of No Country For Old Trends shows us how to mix embroidery, thigh high boots and sleek hair to create a chic street style look that is very reminiscent of Christina Milian.

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - No Country For Old Trends - Embroidered Skirt, Skull Shirt & Thigh-High Boots


(7) Tasteful

Marry Kim Kardashian’s fashion fearlessness with Victoria Beckham’s sophistication by wearing a tasteful mesh cutout dress.

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Mesh Cutout Dress


(8) Sleeveless

Go comfortable with a fitted dress like the midi choker option below worn by Crista of Bahamianista.

What To Wear A Fashion Show - Bahamianista - Midi Choker Dress


(9) Princess Florals

Remember that dress that Rihanna wore to the Dior SS17 show in Paris. It was so dreamy and she looked like a queen! You can achieve a similar look by wearing a floral dress to a fashion show.

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Floral Dress


(10) Headwrap Edge

Whether you are having a good or bad hair day, wearing a headwrap to a fashion show is always a refreshing style statement. Here lover of culture, Dagny of Dagny Zenovia, shows us how to put together a look that’s playful and has some spunk.

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Dagnu Zenovia - Headwrap and Red Leather Jacket


(11) Day To Night

If you start off the day having brunch with bae or your gals plus you have more errands to run, then you’ll need to dress in an outfit that can transition well from day to night. Pairing a striped dress wth a wrap jacket and knee-high boots will solve all your problems.

What To Wear A Fashion Show - Striped Dress Outfit


(12) Statement Sleeves

Take a chance and wear some ruffles! No need to go overboard, unless you want to. In fact, Jennifer of Jennesis of Chic wears this highly-anticipated Spring 2027 trend with flare.

What Yo Wear To A Fashion Show - Jennesis Of Chic - Ruffle My Sleeves


(13) Shimmery

Silver or gold anyone?

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Gold Dress


(14) Boho

Check out how Keyma of Style Weekender pairs a floral ruffle dress with Steve Madden over-the-knee boots to achieve a bohemian fall look that’s the perfect inspiration for your next Fall fashion show.

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Style Weekender - Boho Dress Fall Outfit


(15) Suit Mania

There are times when my husband has accompanied me to fashion shows, and we always try to be in sync with each other. Almost a little silly lol but I love it! A cool idea we’ve always relied on is wearing complimentary power suits. Dare you to try it!

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Suit Couple Outfits


(16) Faux Fur

Taking a cue from Bajan bad gal, Rihanna, Shantera from a Maven of Style shows us how to style a blush pink suit with a fur stole. Pretty badass if you ask me!

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Maven Of Style - Blush Pink Suit


(17) Bold & Carefree

More of a fan of the Quann sisters from Urban Bush Babes and Solange? Then play with textures and a monochrome color palette.

Bad & Boujee - Red Velvet and Ankara Print


(18) Versatile

To cut out the hassle of finding separates, there’s always a jumpsuit. Tarah-Lynn from Adorned In Armor shows us versatile this fashion show option is.

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Adorned In Armor - Red Jumpsuit


(19) Leather

Now you guys know that I have to include at least one leather outfit! Here’s one that’s perfect for winter.

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Winter Leather Outfit


(20) Make A Statement

Withe everything going on in America right now, using your outfit as a statement is a bold and admirable idea. Jelinda of She Is A Fashion Lover showcases her support of Black Lives Matter. And man, she is slaying!

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - She Is A Fashion Lover - Statement Outfit


(21) Preppy

Another good idea is to keep it simple and preppy. You can also play with a monochrome color platte and even add a print with a scarf or another accessory of your choice.

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Preppy Outfit


(22) Like A Child

You don’t always have to wear an outfit that confirms to the world that your adulting. How about dressing and showing off that you’re a child at heart just like this outfit from With Love Banke.

What To Wear At A Fashion Show - With Love Banke - Satin Dress Outfit


(23) Casual Wear

Bring on the combat boots and cheetah print!

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Summer Outfit Idea


(24) Slaying In Velvet

Island Gal Micaéla of Micaéla Verrelien actually wore a velvet dress for her birthday and I think it’s the perfect outfit inspiration for a show as well.

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - Micaela Verrelien - Velvet Dress


(25) Warm & Cozy

No specific celebrity comes to mind. Nevertheless, wearing fleece leggings with a blazer and scarf can still lend to a grand entrance. And let’s be real, no one wants to be freezing in the dead winter.

Yes, you may not have designers and stylists at your fingertips to help you choose your outfit BUT you do have the ability to wow the socks off of any onlookers using what you do have access to in your wardrobe, online and your local mall. The secret sauce truly lies in your personal style. Let these beautiful women and I inspire you.

Which outfit is your favorite?

What To Wear To A Fashion Show - 25 Amazing Photos For Outfit Inspiration
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