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What To Wear On A Glam Girls’ Night Out

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It’s been a long work week and you’re ready for a break.

Time to text the girls and plan a night out.

Within half an hour, the plans are set. At 8 PM tomorrow, you and the gals are going to grab dinner and drinks at a local hotspot downtown.

Perfect. That’s done.

Now onto the next thing, what to wear for this glam girls’ night out.

Here are ten inspiring outfit ideas plus a list of must-have accessories that would be a great addition to your glamorous look.


10 Outfit Ideas For A Glam Girls’ Night Out

(1) How About Velvet?

Yes it’s still a thing in 2017! Just choose any color – red, blue, even yellow. And maybe wear it with a bralette, button down blouse or loose top.

Girls' Night Outfit Ideas - Velvet Outfit


(2) Pleated Skirt?

They are always in for Spring! Dust yours off, pair it with a crop top and you’ll be ready to go!

Girls Night Outfit Ideas - Pleated Skirt Outfit


(3) What About Boyfriend Jeans?

A glam girls’ night out doesn’t have to include a super dressy outfit. You could always pair boyfriend jeans with a headwrap, and then add some heels for a little something extra.

Girls' Night Outfit Ideas - Boyfriend Jeans With Headwrap


(5) Knee-High Boots?

Imagine a form-fitting dress with a stylish hat and knee-high OR thigh-high boots. What a look!

Girls' Night Outfit Ideas - Knee-High Boots Outfit


(6) How About Color Blocking?

Don’t be afraid of this option! Stick to mixing two of the primary colors (red, yellow & blue) to keep it quick and easy.

Girls' Night Out Outfit Ideas - Color Block Outfit


(7) Joggers?

What else could be super comfy without looking tacky? Simply pair your joggers with the sleeveless top of your choice and your favorite heels.

Girls' Night Out Outfit Ideas - Joggers Outfit

(8) Maybe All-White Everything?

This works especially great for one of the most popular girls’ night occasions – The Bachelorette Party! Check out the one I wore to mine below.

Girls' Night Out Outfit Ideas - Bachelorette Party Outfit - All-White Outfit

(9) Ripped Jeans?

Yes, yes yes! If you’re the edgy girl, ripped jeans with a blazer is an amazing outfit choice for you! Plus if the weather will be a little windy, simply add a scarf for some extra warmth.

Girls' Night Outfit Ideas - Ripped Jeans Outfit

(10) What About A Midi?

Actually, to be more specific, what about a flared midi skirt? It’s one of the easiest items to style. All you’d need is a white or denim button down shirt.

Girls' Night Out Outfit Ideas - Flared Midi Skirt Outfit

But these outfit ideas are not all you’ll need. For a glam girl’s night, you also need glamorous accessories.


Must-Have Glamorous Accessories

(1) A Versatile Clutch

This truly depends on your wardrobe. For example, since mine is colorful, I have metallic or printed clutches in my closet because they work so well with everything I have. However, if you prefer a more monochrome palette, consider purchasing a clutch in a rich color. Here are a variety of options for you to choose from!

(2) A Chic Necklace

Whether it be gold, silver or any other color you can think of, having chic jewelry that reflects your personal style will ALWAYS be a great addition to a glamorous look. You can choose from a luxurious piece from AUrate’s gold necklace collection like the Tribal Collar, fun cultural pieces like an Ankara print choker, or just something classic and simple.


(3) A Pair of Statement Heels

Want to bring New York Fashion Week statement stye to your next special occasion? Have a pair of statement heels on hand! I’ve found that they can take any outfit from 0 to 100 real quick.

(4) A Pair of Vibrant Earrings

Use this as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. Here are some ideas to get you started.


So what outfit idea will most likely inspire your next girls’ night out?

And, what must-have accessory is your fav?

Tamara Sykes
Caribbean-Born Gal. Always Plottin' My Next Hairstyle. Encouraging women with a creative spirit to color outside the lines and live a life they love.


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