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Wearing a Floppy Hat on Warm Fall Days

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In the midst of Fall, there are a few days when the temperature is in the perfect middle. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. In fact, days like this, I wish were constant in the summer. Nevertheless, I’m thankful that they choose to make an appearance – mostly so I can enjoy wearing an outfit without a coat (even if it is short-lived lol).

Luckily, since I reside in Ohio, these surprises are a guarantee. That’s simply because we have indecisive weather, i.e. one day it is 30 degrees and the next day it could 68. You never know! So you can imagine that I’m an avid weather checker.

I had  the pleasure of one such Fall day this week and I couldn’t resist wearing my latest wardrobe addition – a striped turtleneck dress.

maroon and stripes outfit #baydiangirl  maroon floppy hat #baydiangirl  turtleneck dress #baydiangirl  boots and sleeveless dress #baydiangirl

Don’t you think this outfit compliments the Fall leaves perfectly? That was so unplanned! Nevertheless, it created these great outfit of the day optics.

What would you wear on fall days that feel like summer?

Tamara Sykes
Caribbean-Born Gal. Always Plottin' My Next Hairstyle. Encouraging women with a creative spirit to color outside the lines and live a life they love.


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