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3 Ways To Style Zoey Twist Curly Crochet Hair With a Bandana

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Have you seen the Zoey Twist Curly crochet hair?

They are synthetic, wavy pre-looped crochet braids. And they definitely will make your morning routine a breeze.

In fact, as a mom who has a busy morning with a toddler, this new style has been one of my secret weapons to looking effortlessly fashionable on the go!


*This is a sponsored post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.*

But Wait, What Are Crochet Braids?

I’m glad you asked!

Crochet braids, also referred to as latch-hook braids, refers to a technique where an individual uses a crochet hook to add extensions to their natural hair.

It’s not a weave BUT it’s also not the same as sitting for several hours getting individual braids done.


Why Are They Amazing?

There are three main reasons a crochet braid style is one of the best hairstyles!

  1. It Protects Your Hair At An Affordable Cost. Crochet braids are a protective style that tends to be kinder to your hair, which creates a great “environment” for hair growth. Plus you can do it yourself with a few packs of hair. Or, you can be a low cost to have a hairstylist put them in.
  2. It Saves Time. Do you remember the days when it took more than five hours to get braids? You don’t have to do that anymore! Now you can install a crochet braid style in less than 3 hours! Some people can even accomplish it in an hour.
  3. A Variety of Hairstyles Available. Even though this look is referred to as crochet braids, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the hairstyle must look like a braid. You can install box braids, twists, straight or curly hair. Honestly, it just depends on what end result you want! The possibilities are endless.


My Zoey Twist Curly Experience

After becoming a mom, one of my biggest postpartum struggles was regrowing my hair.

Not only did my hair become very thin, but my edges needed saving…desperately!

Because of their fragile nature, I couldn’t do individual box braids because I knew it would damage my hair even more. So instead, I chose to have fun with crochet braids as I nursed my hair back to health.

During my hair growth journey, I stumbled upon the Freetress Synthetic Braids – Zoey Twist Curly 26” on DivaTress, fell in love with them and purchased them for my next look.

Y’all know how I am! I can’t help switching it up.

Within 2 weeks of receiving the hair, I had scheduled an appointment with my favorite hairstylist so she could install them.

Then after 2 and a half hours on a Saturday morning, I emerged from the hair salon with a brand new do.

Burgundy Zoey Twist Curl Crochet Braids Hairstyle | Zoey Twist Curl Hairstyle Summer Outfit

My stylist had used six packs of hair, even though I had an undercut. This made the initial experience with the Zoey Twist Curl very heavy. However, with time the pressure decreased and I began to have fun styling my new hairstyle.



3 Ways To Style Zoey Twist Curly Braids With a Bandana

One of my favorite ways to style my hair during the month that I had the look was with a bandana.

I found that the bandana really complimented my eclectic style and gave my hair more range.

Here are the 3 looks I used frequently.


(1) Hair Down With A Bow Headband

On cooler summer days, or at the pool, I let my Zoey Twist Curly hair down. Then I simply tied my silk bandana around my head and made it into a bow for an adorable look.

How To Tie Silk Bandana Around Crochet Braids  Style Zoey Twist Curly Hair with Silk Bandana - Style #1


(2) High Ponytail With A Headwrap Approach

Now there some days when I wanted to try a high ponytail!

To accomplish this look,  put my hair in a ponytail and folded the bandana into a triangle.

Folding Silk Bandana to Tie Around Crochet Braids

Then tied it around the back of my hair, making sure I covered my undercut.

How To Tie a Silk Bandana Like a Headwrap  3 Easy Ways To Style Zoey Twist Curly Braids

And lastly, I styled my ponytail to the side.

Style Your Zoey Twist Curly Hair In A High Ponytail



(3) Bun With Headwrap Style

I have to admit, though, that as it got closer to summer, the days became hotter.

And sometimes I felt like keeping my hair down would be miserable.

So I put my hair in a bun and used the headwrap style to create my look.

Styling Zoey Twist Curly Hair Into A Bun  3 Easy Ways To Style Zoey Twist Curly Hair

Which bandana style is your favorite?
3 Ways To Style Crochet Braids with a Bandana
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